Claudio Tancini

I’m an leading IT Professional with a deep background knowledge in IT systems implementation and management also in complex and multinational corporations.

My high level skills go well together with a strong attention to Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility enabled by Information Technology.

I can show a strong attitude to project execution and team leadership, with proven results on capacity to deliver on value, on time, on budget for all the several programs I managed.

My main strengths are within the technical skills for various IT technologies, the leadership for multinational teams, and the communication skills to the business management and to all major stakeholders.

I worked in small and major IT organizations, this allowed me to directly manage most of the IT and business processes, from budget/planning to accounting and cost  management, from technical solution design to top management engagement and buy in.

I’ve been involved in several organizational changes, including centralization/globalization/offshoring of local infrastructures, outsourcing, migrations to new technology from legacy systems.

I also successfully managed cost saving initiatives on Telecommunications and Data Center infrastructure.

Curriculum Vitae in English (pdf)

Curriculum Vitae in English (word)

Sono un professionista leader nella Information Technology, con una profonda esperienza nella implementazione e nella gestione delle infrastrutture informatiche in organizzazioni anche complesse e multinazionali.

Alla competenza unisco una forte attenzione agli aspetti etici e ai temi legati allo Sviluppo e alla Responsabita’ Sociale abilitate dalla tecnologia.

Ho forte attitudine alla esecuzione dei progetti, con risultati dimostrabili per capacita’ di delivery on value, on time, on budget per tutti i programmi che ho gestito.

Sono appassionato di tecnologia informatica, orientato alla Innovazione, alla gestione del cambiamento e al team building.

Curriculum Vitae in Italiano (pdf)

Curriculum Vitae in Italiano (word)